10 Essential Safety Checks Before Calling A Plumber

Here are the top ten essential plumbing checks

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10 Essential Safety Checks Before Calling A Plumber

Plumbing repairs can be rather expensive, so before you begin your search for a plumber in Aylesbury, it is essential for you and everyone in your home to know a few plumbing basics which can save you time and money in the future.

Here are the top ten essential plumbing checks every homeowner needs to know before calling a plumber in Aylesbury…

1. Plumbing emergencies may possibly need quick thinking and movement on your part or that of a family member.

Everyone in your home should know where the main cut-off for the water is just in case.

2. Learn how to read your water meter. When no one else is at home and you know there is no water running, check your meter to make sure none of the dials are moving.

If they are, then it’s possible that you may have a water leak somewhere. Toilets and faucets are the most likely offenders and can add a few hundred pounds a year to your water bill.

If you want a reliable plumber in Aylesbury to assist you with a possible water leak then please call us today.

3. Check for toilet leaks by inserting a few drops of food colouring in the tank.

About 20 minutes later, check the toilet bowl for any presence of colour. If you do see something, there may be leakage around the flapper valve. It is an easy fix as long as you know there is a problem.

4. Try to drain a few litres of water from your hot water heater tank twice a year. This makes sure the valve works and also allows sediment collecting at the bottom of the tank to clear out, maximising your heating system’s efficiency.

If you have the funds invest in a tankless water heater and watch your utility bills lower because no energy is spent keeping gallons and gallons of water hot in a storage tank. A tankless water heater heats water on demand, when you need it.

If you want a dependable plumber in Aylesbury to help you with a tankless water heater then please call us today.

5. When your toilet looks like it might spill over, remove the tank lid and press down on the flush valve, effectively plugging the hole at the bottom of the tank.

This prevents the toilet from overflowing while you establish the source of the block causing the problem.

6. Keep all water and drain valves active by opening and closing them at least twice a year.

If you do not do this, a valve may freeze up over time. So if you are caught in a plumbing predicament and cannot turn the valve off, you could be facing serious problems and expense. For a reliable plumber in Aylesbury call us today.

7. Learn where the stop valves are for the faucets and toilets in your home.

This allows you to turn off water at the source of the problem rather than trouble an entire household by turning off the main valve to the house.

8. Keep a plunger about for blocked sinks and toilets as they are effective tools for common plumbing issues.

9. Invest in a few replacement parts such as a toilet kit and rubber gaskets for those simple plumbing fixes around the home.

10. Avoid chemical drain cleaners for removing blockages. Instead use a plunger for those tough obstructions in plumbing pipes.

If you want a trustworthy Aylesbury plumber to lend a hand with a pipe blockage then please call us today.

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